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Hi, I’m Brian,

and this is BrianCoale.com, my home away from home. Here you will find out a little bit about me, what I do, and why I do it. If you’re in need of any of the services I provide, you may also find out how I can help you. You can read more about me on the about page, or if you have any questions about me or my services you can reach me on the contact page.

What do I do?

I am a Graphic Designer, Marketing Adviser and Content Management Consultant. To put this in layman terms, I design start to print business cards, brochures, banners, letterhead, direct mail pieces, pens, mugs, t-shirts, multi-page publications (newspapers, magazines, books, etc.), create captivating and functional web pages, web banners and other web content, brainstorm great ideas for products and events, and help companies and clients manage their data through use, administration and customization of several different popular Content Management Systems.

Web Design

Web Design

  • Content Management Systems
  • User Experience
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
Print Design

Print Design

  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing Creatives
  • Events & Signage
  • Custom Packaging
  • Custom Forms
  • Prepress